Sales Retail Distribution Channels is a key development area to attract new and current customer segments. By deploying the right number of stores/outlets featuring a mix of attractive services, Sale provides and tailors to all the needs of the end-users.

Customers seek convenience, quality services, and value in one package. For this reason, we continually strive to exceed their expectations by offering them a total solution derived from solid Retail expertise and offerings expected from a market-leading organization.

We are focused on increasing Retail channel contribution by diversifying the services mix and increasing customer interaction. By taking a dynamic and advanced approach to retailing Telecommunication products and services we seek to offer customers a quality lifestyle retailing experience rather than just simple products.



    • Increase accessibility by strengthening and expanding the retail network on high street locations and in malls


    • Diversify regional areas


    • Operating over? stores across Saudi Arabia


    • Secure prime locations to gain maximum visibility and increase customer visitations


    • Diversify our product-mix to cover the latest in branded handsets, accessories and product enhancements


    • Leverage strategic partners such as Apple to create a brand-lifestyle ambience and widen customer appeal


    • Deliver a unified world-class Retail experience supported by trained and qualified staff


    • Increase customer in-flows by deploying a carefully studied mix of multiple Retail formats