BMW for the sixth winner of Quick Net promotion

In the spirit of Sale Co?s aim to increase and maintain brand loyalty amongst its partners through a stimulating and motivating promotion for shop owners and large clients; Sale Co’s Chief Financial officer Mr. Salem Al Ghamdi awarded Mr. Abedalhadi Saeed Jaafar Al Kathiri, owner of Saeed Communications Mobile Shop, a brand new BMW 3 series on Thursday the 25th of September 2014.


The award was presented halfway through the ceremony, which was held in the Eastern Province – Khobar city. This is due to his successful participation in the ?Win in All Directions? QUICKnet promotional campaign. He is the sixth and final winner of this campaign.


The Campaign had several objectives and amongst these was delivering a message about the growth and development Sale Co. is currently experiencing. In addition to that the campaign also focuses on quality and the company’s desire to strengthen and enhance its relationship with its key partners in success.?